Santa Letters from the North Pole

Official Personalized Santa Packages - Smiles Are Guaranteed

Our Santa Letters have been a holiday tradition for generations

Certified Letters from Santa

These personalized letters are filled with more than good wishes from Saint Nick; they're filled with the promise of Christmas, and all its secrets and magic. And, a Santa letter can set many a worried mind at ease, as each reader learns that he or she is, indeed, on Santa's "good" list! It may sound insignificant to adult ears, but think back: To a child, knowing he or she has the approval of "the Big Guy" can do amazing things for self-esteem and confidence!

“My 7 year old daughter's face lit up with pure excitement when she received her package... She couldn't believe that Santa wrote a letter specifically for her! Thank you so much!”

And with each Santa letter, your child receives so much more. Personalized especially for the recipient, you can include customized text to tailor the letter to your child's life. Imagine the thrill your child will feel, realizing that Santa has taken a special interest in him or her.

Santa letters are mailed during the first part of December, to ensure delivery before Christmas Day no matter where you or your special child are located.

Give your child an added thrill with their own specially-crafted genuine deed to one square inch of North Pole - an authentic deed personalized with your child's name and a real lot and block number.

Maybe you received a Santa letter letter when you were a child - their parents and grandparents from decades ago. If you did, you remember the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling you got when you saw that envelope from Santa. Let your special child experience that same thrill today. And if you weren't lucky enough to receive the Original Letter from Santa as a child, start a tradition that is sure to be appreciated, fondly remembered, and passed down to future generations.

What Do You Get With Certified Letters from Santa?


New this year, Santa’s Map shows your child his directions from the North Pole to your house!


Our "Good Boys & Girls List" which prominently features your childs name.


Personalize letter From Santa directly to your child at your home. This letter is Postmarked from the North Pole* and printed on official Santa Claus stationery.


Complete the delight for your child with a "Good Boys & Girls Certificate" embossed with a golden Santa Seal.

Send Your Child An Official Personalized Santa Package!

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